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posters as part of ‘let’s talk’

In 2023, the three initiatives Geheime Dramaturgische Gesellschaft (GDG), you are warmly invited (YAWI) and FLUGWERK met as part of the ‘Let’s Talk’ project to share their approaches and experiences with feedback methods in the performing arts. The exchange was funded by the network and structural support programme of the Fonds Darstellende Künste.

These three posters are the visible result of the project and were created in collaboration between the three initiatives. We see these posters as food for thought for people who would like to engage in an exchange about artistic work processes. It is important for us to emphasise that the posters do not claim to be exhaustive. The content is fed by our own artistic practice within the initiatives and the associated experiences. We would therefore like to invite you to explore the topic further for yourself, try it out and gather your own experiences. You are welcome to add further material to the posters (e.g. pens, post-its and sticky dots) and expand them to include your own perspectives.

The exchange about artistic work can be conducted not only with and about individuals, but is also directed at collective processes – in whatever way suits best.

The posters are only available as digital downloads. The files are in DinA3 format and are graphically designed so that they can be printed in colour or black and white. Feel free to print them out for your own purposes. We see these posters in many different places – for example in a rehearsal room, at a work in progress showing, in the foyer of a venue or in a shared conference room. The posters can be used individually or together, hung up, sent out and given as gifts.

We wish you lots of fun with it!

Geheime Dramaturgische Gesellschaft (GDG), you are warmly invited (YAWI) & FLUGWERK


Created by the initiatives Geheime Dramaturgische Gesellschaft (GDG), you are warmly invited (YAWI) & FLUGWERK

Editing: Lonnie Jasper

Layout and graphic design: Káschem Büro – Insa Kühlcke-Schmoldt & Nina Massow

Licence: The posters are licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA licence ( They may therefore be used, copied and further developed for non-commercial purposes. Further developments are then again subject to this licence. FLUGWERK, your are warmly invited and the Geheime Dramaturgische Gesellschaft are to be named as authors.

Publication “Wahrnehmung(en)”

In 2022, we took part in the project “Wahrnehmung(en)”/‘Perception(s)’, initiated by the Berlin Performing Arts Programme. As part of the project, for which we were able to try out our ‘Power of Plausch’ format for the first time, this publication was created, which contains the description of the three experimental mediation formats that were initiated, tested and further developed as part of the project within Berlin’s independent performing arts community. They are framed by experience reports, reflections and observations that are dedicated to various aspects of the topic of perception(s). An invitation to think further about the interaction with the audience.

Publication on the ‘#takepart’ funding programme of the Fonds Darstellende Künste

In 2021, we received funding for our project ‘How deep is your love?’ in the #takepart funding programme of the Fonds Darstellende Künste. For the funding programme, which supports projects to win back audiences in the post-pandemic period, the Fonds Darstellende Künste commissioned a documentary for which the various projects were highlighted. Alice Stöver, former chairwoman of the Freie Volksbühne e.V., inspected our open rehearsals for this purpose.